DOC and CRS strategizes on Cyclone Freddy Intervention

DOC and CRS strategizes on Cyclone Freddy Intervention

The Social Services Directorate office in Chikwawa Diocese hosted an inception meeting to discuss the distribution of relief items. The meeting was organised by the Directorate in collaboration The Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

Among the activities during the meeting were presentations in thematic areas of disaster management and intervention such as Monitoring and Evaluation, WASH, and protection issues on the camps.

As part of preparatory works, the delegates to the meeting visited the DOC’s warehouse, located at the Bishop’s house of Chikwawa Diocese, to verify the relief items in stock.

The distribution of relief items is an important aspect of providing assistance to those in need during times of crisis, and this meeting is a positive step towards ensuring that the distribution process is carried out effectively.

CRS has a long history of providing assistance in areas affected by crises, and the organization’s partnership with the Directorate of Social Services in Chikwawa is a testament to its commitment to helping those in need. The successful inception meeting is an indication of the positive impact that can be achieved through collaboration between organizations with similar goals.

As the project moves forward, updates on the distribution of relief items in Chikwawa will be provided to keep the public informed.

The meeting was held on 13th April, 2023 and was attended by the Director of the Directorate, Fr. Semba, as well as relevant DOC personnel.

Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts which make part of Chikwawa Diocese are among the Southern Districts in Malawi that have been heavily affected by the recent Cyclone Freddy that left many households homeless, washing away property and claiming lives.