The Catholic Development Commission (CADECOM)

The Catholic Development Commission (CADECOM)

This is a development arm of the diocese which focuses on food security, disaster risk reduction, shelter, relief, water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS, environment conservation, and many others. Its current and most recent activities Borehole drilling, toilet construction, small scale irrigation schemes establishment, promotion of livestock production and best agriculture practices.


To create awareness and empower disadvantaged men, women and the youth at all levels to undertake development which is integral, gender and environmentally sensitive, sustainable and which promotes justice, human dignity and self-reliance with the active participation of the people themselves so that they take up the responsibility of their own destiny.

Projects underway


This project seeks to promote economic empowerment among women and girls who have survived forms of violence

Funder: UN Women

Impact area: Traditional Authority Mlolo in Nsanje north.

2. Root and Tuber Crops for Agricultural Transformation In Malawi

The goal of the project is to increase contributions of root and tuber crops to food security, nutrition and income for local farmers in Malawi.

Funder: International Potato Centre in Lima – Peru (South Africa)

Impact area: Chikwawa.

Mr Chisale is the acting diocesan Coordinator.