DOC SSD for continued response post Cyclone Freddy as hunger looms

DOC SSD for continued response post Cyclone Freddy as hunger looms

In response to the impact of Cyclone Freddie in Chikwawa District, the Diocese of Chikwawa Social Services Directorate (DOC-SSD) has stepped forward to provide relief items to survivors of the disaster.

The activity took place at Chikuse camp, in T/A Makhuwira,  on 12th March 12, 2024. The camp, which is home to more than 800 households, is currently facing major challenges as a result of cyclone Freddy.

 After recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Diocese initiated relief operations to assist the most affected households in the camp. So far, the organization has successfully distributed relief items to 400 households and 250 young women in the camp, these supplies include food, non-food items, and reusable sanitary pads for adolescent girls.

Introducing the relief distribution initiative to the camp members, The Director of the Social Services Directorate, Fr. Matthews Semba, emphasized the need to use the distributed items responsibly, considering the ongoing hunger crisis in the country, with Chikwawa being one of the severely affected districts.

He mentioned that the relief items to be distributed consist of 1 kg of sugar, 1 packet of salt, 1 liter of cooking oil, 3 packets of soya pieces, 4 tablets of soap, 2 kg of beans, and 10 kg of maize flour. Furthermore, 250 reusable sanitary pads will be provided to adolescent young women residing in the camp.

Fr Semba thanked the representatives of Chikwawa District Council for their cooperation during these challenging times and insisted that the DOC-SSD relief efforts are meant to complement the government’s ongoing actions in response to the cyclone.

Just before the distribution activity began, Zimatha Wasili, a field officer from the Social Services Directorate, addressed safeguarding and gender issues. During the discussion, the main emphasis was on the importance of preserving dignity, especially in communal living conditions in camps, where individuals may be vulnerable to all forms of abuse.

Information about the reporting mechanisms available to address any grievances were also provided.

The primary goal of this assistance is to provide relief and support to the community as they recover from the impacts of Cyclone Freddie.