The Education commission

The Education commission

It is an arm of the catholic church whose mission, mandate and vision derive from the gospel of Luke 4:18 and from the directive by Jesus to go and teach and baptize, Mt 28:19.

Its mandate is to promote, propagate and defend the kingdom of God through education and training.

Its vision is to provide holistic education that enhances the self – esteem and dignity of the human person in the atmosphere of truth, belonging, care and concern for all.

Its mission is to strive to live and witness through quality value based education for all expressed through the gospel values.

As a commission in the diocese, it oversees and supervises all education institutions especially primary and secondary schools; making sure that they are providing quality education for all and adhering to Catholic values.

Currently there are 89 primary schools, 5 community day secondary schools, 1 minor seminary and 1 girls boarding secondary school.

The diocesan education coordinator is Mr Geoffrey Mdala.

The following are some institutions under this commisison;


Established in 1999 in the Diocese of Chikwawa by late Bishop Right Revevend Felix Mkhori. The Bishop had this vision of giving the girls of the Diocese a chance to access quality and affordable education in the Diocese. As the motto states, his main idea was To Promote the Dignity of a Woman. He used to say that he was one of the people who believed that “if you educate a woman, you are educating a nation”. So these values made a girls secondary school be born just very close to the Bishop’s offices and residence.



The school is made up of several structures which include: the administration block, the academic block with four classes, a science laboratory, a multipurpose hall attached to a kitchen, five hostels with a capacity of 40 students each, a convent where MCA sisters are occupying, a borehole which is a reliable backup source for water and a cattle kraal with over fifty heads of cattle as at February 2021. This ensures that there is a steady supply of beef in the school.


St. Lawrence Girls Secondary School employs both teaching and non teaching staff. And it is also a gender sensitive employer. The school has 11 teachers which includes the Head teacher. It has 14 members of the support staff.


The first national school leaving examination was written in 2002. These pacesetters did so well in their Malawi School Certificate of Education, leaving behind a record that is yet to be beaten. However, that record keeps the other girls to keep on working hard. This has resulted into many girls attaining tertiary education in various University colleges both in the country and outside. This in turn makes the school  contribute to the development of the country through these dignified young women as they work in different sectors both private and public. Some of the girls have gone as far as being in the Boards of Directors in some Authorities in the country while others are serious entrepreneurs, employing others in the long run.


There is a cordial relationship with the Alumni of the school. One intervention the girls have done is to buy branded face masks for all the students on campus and teachers too. They brought hand sanitisers as well as hand washing liquid. All this was to help in the prevention of the spread of CORONA VIRUS. The Alumni have other activities lined up to show their allegiance to the school.


The name St. Lawrence comes from Holland where Bishop Mkhori had made friends with a particular family as he was visiting his predecessor Bishop Vroemen. This is the Nilwik family which congregates at St.

Lawrence Parish. This family has established an organization called Chikwawafonds with an aim of directly helping the school in some areas. They have been helping in the science lab, bringing computers in the school as well as sourcing funds for a Solar Power project to be the backup system for power as well.

In a way the family may not be taken as the traditional donors but well wishers who intervene at most critical times. Otherwise it survives on its collection on fees.


Mzimu Woyera Seminary is found in Chikwawa district, close to St Michaels cathedral.

The seminary was established in 1980 with an aim of training boys into priesthood. At its inception, it enrolled 66 students and had classes from Std 6 to Form 4. This has changed over time with classes now begi ning from Std 8 to Form 4.

The seminary has educated over 1716 students. These students are enrolled from parishes within the diocese. The seminary depends on school fees, donations, its alumni, ordinary subsidy from Rome and different agricultural contributions from parishes within the diocese for its operations.

The teaching staff for the institution is made up of the clergy and the laity.

Since its establishment the seminary has had the following as Rector: Fr Louis Mmango, Fr J Mwngeya, Fr Henry Biriwita, Fr Alfeo Boloma, Fr Cleophas Nsambokulira, Fr Valerian Mtseka and Fr Lazarous Maloya.

The current rector if Fr James Chidali.

The seminary was established/founded by Bishop Felix Mkhori.