Mzimu Woyera Seminary changes enrollment format

Mzimu Woyera Seminary changes enrollment format

Mzimu Woyera Minor Seminary of the Diocese of Chikwawa will enroll candidates to start Form One in the coming academic year.

In a letter signed by the Rector for the Seminary, entrance examinations to the seminary will only be taken by those who will write Standard Eight government examinations this year.

“I write to inform you that 2024 Academic Year Entrance Examinations for Mzimu Woyera Seminary will be administered in all parishes of the Diocese of Chikwawa on the 10’h June 2023. Candidates must be those who will write 2023 PSLCE Examinations.” Reads the letter.

This indicates a major shift in the enrollment policy for Seminary which used to enroll students in Standard Eight.

Commenting on the letter, Fr James Chidali, who is the Rector for the Seminary said that this means there will not be a standard Eight class.

 This is in line with a resolution the institution made a few years back to begin enrollment at Form One.

Mzimu Woyera Seminary is a nursery for the Diocese of Chikwawa, where boys are formed from a tender age to become priests for the Diocese. It is also a good place to form good citizens as evidenced by so many good serving men who have passed through the corridors of this school.