Fr Nyirenda’s consecration set for August

Fr Nyirenda’s consecration set for August

The Catholic Diocese of Mzuzu has set August 2023 as the month for consecration of Fr Yohane Suzgo Nyirenda as Auxiliary Bishop for the Diocese.

The announcement follows the appointment Pope Francis made of the Very Reverend Father Nyirenda as Auxiliary Bishop of Mzuzu. The appointment was made on 5th May 2023.

The consecration of the Bishop elect will take place on 5th August 2023 in Mzuzu.

Canon law provides for the appointment of an Auxiliary Bishop upon request by the incumbent for reasons that he might deem fit.

Currently Bishop John Ryan is the shepherd for the Diocese and the appointment of Fr Nyirenda will help him in attending to his flock.

Fr Nyirenda was born on 20th June 1976 at Wozi in Mzimba District. He was ordained a priest on 19th July 2008.

We offer prayers for his fruitful preparation for the noble office.