Homily for Sunday 31st Sunday in ordinary Time

Homily for Sunday 31st Sunday in ordinary Time

Readings: Wis 11:22-2:2; 2Thes 1:11-2:22; Lk 19:1-10

Salvation for the humble

Today, God is manifesting his nature to us and his plan for the human race. God is both loving and merciful.

The first reading from the book of Wisdom shows that God cares for all. He does not have regard for our sinfulness but is kind and loving to all. This is the nature of God, and we all have to live the same life. We are all called to be kind to all other human beings. This is our call.

For us to fulfil this, we need to embrace humility as our life.

Zacchaeus, a man who was a public sinner by a mile, recognized the need for God in his life. Bearing a name that means clean, he knew he wasn’t as clean by virtue of his work and so sought to see Jesus and regain his cleanliness. Zacchaeus was humble enough to disregard the enormous wealth he had and felt need for God. With this, he was rightly given what he longed to possess.

Let us all pray that God may give us a humble spirit and so change our ways and be worthy of his salvation.

Blessed Sunday.