Homily for Sunday Solemnity of the Holy Trinity

Homily for Sunday Solemnity of the Holy Trinity

Readings: Prov8:22-31; Rom5:1-5; John16:12-15.

Love is Gods’ nature and life

Every catholic prayer begins with the Trinitarian formula; we baptize, bless marriages, ordain, bless and many other liturgical actions using the Trinitarian formula. The Trinity lives at and is the centre of Christian life.

Today, the church celebrates the mystery of the Trinity. God who is one is of three persons who are distinct, yet equal. The Trinity is one of the core doctrines of the Church. It actually defines what the Church ought to be and has to be. The church has to be one and an actualization of the love that is God.

God is one and we know God through His different interventions in the course of human history of salvation. In these interventions God has revealed himself in the three persons of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. They are three different persons yet One God. All these point to God’s love and life. The Three are able to live the same life because as a community, they are a community of Love.

First reading, wisdom recalls God’s work of creation and its role. The Old Testament wisdom is personified in Christ, who together with the Father was present at creation. So God the So was with the Father and was not created like other creatures but was with God when the world was created.

The Gospel brings out the unity of the three persons. He came from the Father and returns to the Father and promises the Holy Spirit. The father created, the son redeemed and the Spirit will enlighten and sanctify and brings the unity of God to its fulfilment.

The life of the Trinity is a lesson and teaching about our very life as Christians. Unity and Love are what define a Christian. It is the nature of being Christian to be united and to love others.

Blessed Sunday