Chikwawa Diocese set to launch Synod of bishops – To ordain two priests

Chikwawa Diocese set to launch Synod of bishops – To ordain two priests

The Diocese of Chikwawa, will on Saturday 23rd October 2021, hold a double cerebration at the Jubilee Square, Chikwawa Cathedral.

In a letter dated 13th October 2021, addressed to priests, religious and the lay faithful, the pastoral office announced that the diocese will hold the launch of Synod of Bishops and at the same Eucharistic celebration, ordain two deacons to priesthood.

Referring to an announcement by the Episcopal Conference of Malawi secretariat, the communication states that they Synod having being launched by the Holy Father Pope Francis from 9th to 10th October 2021 in Rome, the local ordinaries will have to launch the same in their local churches.

In his address on the opening of the Synod of bishops, Pope Francis reminded the audience that the word “synod” is all about cooperation.

“A synodal church is a church which listens,” said Pope Francis, pointing out that mutual listening has been the goal of much of the church’s renewal since Vatican II.

“For the disciples of Jesus, yesterday, today and always, the only authority is the authority of service, the only power is the power of the cross” Added the Pontiff.

A synod is a process that involves an expansion of an established institution called the “Synod of Bishops”. With the Pope’s official opening, bishops around the world will consult everyone from parishioners to monks, nuns and Catholic universities before coming together for a discussion in 2023.

As the local church in Chikwawa announces the beginning of this synodal process, the diocese will be rejoicing another gift of two new priests to be ordained at the same mass. Two deacons namely Stanford Sungani and Gerald Jackson will be ordained priests.

Deacon Sungani

Deacon Sungani is from Molere Parish while Deacon Jackson is from Ngabu parish.

Deacon Jackson (left)