CADECOM calls for action as Rainy Season nears

CADECOM calls for action as Rainy Season nears

CADECOM, a development arm of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, has called on communities living in disaster prone areas to take proactive action as all weather indicators point to extreme conditions.

Following predictions by the Department of Meteorological Services, the Commission made the call as a precaution as other areas in the country might experience either flooding or dry spells.

In a statement released on 14th October 2021, and signed by CADECOM National Coordinator, Mrs. Chimwemwe Ndhlovu, the commission calls on people living in these areas to take appropriate action.

Distribution of relief items to flood victims in the past

“Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si” reminds us of the consequential effects of extreme weather on the lives of people, particularly the vulnerable and marginalized hence the need for protection” reads part of the statement.

The statement further call upon duty bearers, institutions and organization both public and private, to take part in putting in place long term mitigation measures to extreme weather conditions.

On the part of the Church, CADECOM urges the clergy, religious and the lay faithful to take active part in mobilizing communities in disaster prone areas to avoid adverse effects of disasters.

Flooding during previous rainy seasons

The call by CADECOM is one among many after Government and other Civil Society Organizations made similar calls. Among the different interventions CADECOM proposes are: relocating to uplands, ensuring good drainage around houses and areas, cultivating drought resistant crops for those in dry spell prone areas, paying attention to daily weather updates, and so forth.

The Diocese of Chikwawa is one of the areas where communities are exposed to disasters every year.