CCJP Trains Community Journalists

CCJP Trains Community Journalists

The catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) of the Diocese of Chikwawa has trained Community journalists (CJs) on local development budget trucking and analysis.

Conducted with funding from the Open Society Initiative of Southern Africa (OSISA), the training targeted CJs from Traditional Authorities Mlilima and Ndakwera of Chikwawa District. The training session among others strived to raise awareness on local development budgeting and analysis processes while also promoting CJs’ participation in the same.

Speaking on the sidelines of the one-day training, CCJP Diocesan Coordinator, Lewis Msiyadungu, stated that it is important that communities take part in local development budgeting activities to reduce political corruption in development.

“We firstly want them to be aware of the whole budgeting process of development activities at council level. We also seek to empower them so that they actively participate in the processes. Our main goal is to increase citizenry participation in local development as one way of addressing transparency and accountability challenges”

On his part, Chairperson for Ndakwera CJs, White Williot, acknowledged the significance of the engagement.

“We have been given a clear view of how councils generate funds and the key steps which are taken in budgeting and evaluation of expenditure. Most importantly we have gained knowledge of our rights and responsibilities as citizens, a development which ignite our involvement in these development processes”

With support from OSISA and through a project termed ‘Enhancing citizen participation in reducing political corruption and promoting health service social accountability’ CCJP has been building capacity for the CJs in order to increase their active involvement in the local development activities.