Montfort Fathers, Friends of Chiromo join Covid19 fight

Montfort Fathers, Friends of Chiromo join Covid19 fight

The Diocese of Chikwawa together with different stakeholders and the public, on Wednesday 24th February, witnessed a colorful ceremony where assorted  medical equipment were handed over to the diocese of Chikwawa to help in the fight against covid 19.

The donation came from Montfort missionaries and a group called Friends of Chiromo from Holland. The two groups donated 18 million kwacha each towards this consolidated fund.

Blessed in the hand that giveth.

The donation has been shared between the Archdiocese of Blantyre and Chikwawa diocese, with Blantyre getting 20 million kwacha and Chikwawa16 million kwacha.

The funds have been used to purchase equipment for two facilities in Chikwawa diocese namely Trinity and Montfort hospital.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Right Rev Peter Musikuwa bishop of the diocese of Chikwawa thanked the donors for their timely assistance which will go a long way in addressing the challenges faced by these facilities in the fight against the pandemic. He then went on imploring the health facilities that have benefited from this donation to make good use of the equipment they have received.

Here’s the interview by Bishop Peter Musikuwa

Reechoing the bishop, Davie Chimwaza, Catholic Health commission coordinator for Chikwawa diocese thanked the donors for their support and assured them that the equipment will be well taken care of and also put to the intended use.

The Very Rev Boniface Tamani, vicar general for the archdiocese of Blantyre, speaking on behalf of Archbishop Thomas Msusa, who was in direct link with the donors, urged all to ultilize the donation for the sake of the people it intends to serve.