Lenten retreat inspires parishioners to transform their lives

Lenten retreat inspires parishioners to transform their lives

The youths of the Good Shepherd Parish (Konzalendo) with help of their matron sister Monica Ichife of Sisters of Charity hosted a Lenten retreat on Saturday, 17 February 2024, that attracted a large number of parishioners who wanted to prepare themselves for the celebration of Easter. The retreat was preached by Rev. Fr. Tobias Gamera, who is an assistant priest at Our Lady of Fatima Parish.

The theme of the retreat was “Lent: A journey for transformation”.

In his sessions, Fr. Gamera explained the meaning and significance of Lent as a time of repentance, fasting, almsgiving, and prayer. He urged the participants to use this season to transform their lives by turning away from sin and embracing God’s grace. He also gave practical tips on how to live out the Lenten practices in daily life.

In his homily, during mass marking the end of the retreat Fr. Gamera stressed the theme of the Lenten retreat and challenged the participants to live it out in their everyday lives. He thanked the participants for their enthusiasm and commitment to grow in their faith. He encouraged them to make the best use of this Lenten season by deepening their relationship with God and serving their neighbors.

The representative of the participants, Mr. Steve Mteleka, expressed gratitude to Fr. Gamera for his insightful and inspiring retreat. He assured him that the participants would continue to seek more spiritual opportunities for the parish.

Addressing the participants, Rev. Fr. Daniel Makwiti, congratulated the youths for taking part in the retreat. He said that he was proud of the Catholic youth for organizing such a meaningful event for the parish. He said that he hoped that the retreat would bear fruit in the lives of the participants and the parish as a whole. He said that he was looking forward to seeing more of their initiatives and contributions in the future. He also called for action from the participants and asked them to share the message of the retreat with their families, friends, and neighbors. He said that they should be the agents of transformation in their communities and the world. He said that they should not let this Lenten season pass by without making a difference in themselves and others.

The retreat was a great success, as it drew a large number of participants and received positive feedback. It was a wonderful opportunity for the parishioners to prepare themselves for the celebration of Easter, the most important feast of the Christian calendar.