Bishop Musikuwa calls for unity, commitment and responsibility in DOC-SSD

Bishop Musikuwa calls for unity, commitment and responsibility in DOC-SSD

Bishop Peter Musikuwa visited the Diocese of Chikwawa Social Services Directorate to appreciate the efforts of different commissions in the Directorate and offer words of encouragement in their mission.

Speaking to members of the commission gathered, he reminded all that it is very crucial for members of staff to remember that they are representative of the Church and so carry out the mission of the Church in their commissions.

“I implore all of you to stay committed to your tasks, for it is only through commitment that we can faithfully achieve our purpose and mission” he continued.

Citing an example of our communities and countries, he decries lack of commitment that leads to failure to fully develop our communities that we serve. He, therefore, called on members of DOC-SSD to make sure that they encourage and help the communities to make use of all the knowledge and resources that they receive.

He then thanked all members for their work and so reminded them to remember that this is a Catholic institution and doing Catholic mission, therefore, he called all to introduce themselves to the parish priests in the communities they serve.

In his remarks, Fr Mathews Semba, the Director for the Directorate thanked the Bishop for visiting the Directorate. He then recalled the Bishop’s call to members to remember that all are supposed to do their work as service and not just as mere social work.

The Bishop started his pastoral visit by addressing all members of staff, before engaging heads of commissions and programs, appreciating their successes, challenges and opportunities as they carry out their tasks.