Homily for Sunday: Second Sunday of Advent

Homily for Sunday: Second Sunday of Advent

Readings: Is 40:1-5,9-11;2Pet3:8-14; Mk1:1-8.

Hope for the Lord!

We are in the Second week of Advent. Our readings give us a picture of hope in the narrative that differentiates two states of people or the created order.

Advent is a season that invites us to look to the coming of Jesus. This is a future reality. One that seeks to bring joy and salvation to the world. Our readings are a reminder that we can live in expectation of enjoying this moment by the help of our hope in God. Isaiah calls his audience to hear Gods voice that speaks of comfort. they should be comforted in hope of returning to their land which promises to be a better place.

Today’s Gospel, we hear of John the Baptist who preaches repentance as they expect in hope the coming of him who is greater then John himself. The idea of one greater than the prophet they are listening to instilled hope in the people of better days to come.

The world today wants to hear words that instill hope more than it was a need in the past. in the midst of all the struggles and troubles of the world, a message of hope is all the people want. This message is present in todays readings but also in the very season of Advent. On our part, let us all strive to be reason why others have hope. Let us help each other to live in hope of heaven but also good things and times here on earth.

Blessed Sunday to all.