Homily for Sunday: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary time

Homily for Sunday: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary time

Readings: Is8: 23-9:3,1Cor1:10-13,17,Mt4:12-23

Fishers of men

It is Sunday, an opportunity to be nourished by Gods word. In today’s scriptures, we are all reminded that we have been called to be fishers of men for God.

The first reading gives us two contrasting states of Zebulun and Naphtali; a period when these two lands faced lots of problems; they had no one to fish them out of their problems: and later when glory was restored on the two tribes. The two contrasting states refer to the presence or lack God’s glory and his love among His people. Having endured problems God made a way of restoring His glory among the people; he sent fishers to fish them out of their sorry state.

What was given to a few individuals then has been designated as a duty for all of us in the Gospel we have heard today.

John came to baptize and turn people to God. When he had finished his race, Jesus began his preaching with an aim of drawing more people to God. God always wants to have people drawn to himself and become his own.

In realizing the greatness of the task, Jesus begins to gather disciples around him to help in the mission his father sent him to do. Thus, the twelve were called as collaborators with Christ in turning people to God.

This duty has been given to us all who became Christians by heeding the call from Jesus. We are all sent into the world as fishers for our fellow men. We ought to bear witness to Christ as we serve the human race. Our lives as Christians will have to serve as a message that calls on people to gather for Christ. We must live lives that attract others to God; we are called to be fishers of men, drawing them to God.