Cyclone survivors’ homes project nears completion

Cyclone survivors’ homes project nears completion

The construction of homes for selected cyclone Freddy survivors is going on very and the works on the site will be completed soon. The homes are being constructed with funding from Rome through Bishop Peter Musikuwa who made the request.

A visit to the construction site by a team from the DOC Social Services Directorate confirmed that most of the houses are being roofed with some getting plastered and floored. The contractors on the site, Pamadzi and Mtimaukanena Construction, assured the implementers of the project that all works will be done in the next two months utmost.

The beneficiaries of the project are from Group Village Headman Isso whose whole village was immersed in water and was thus relocated to another land. The beneficiaries are required to construct their own sanitary facilities as their own contribution.

 As per the progress report of to date, 75%-80% of the construction work is done which means 6 houses are at Phase 8-Roofing level and 4 are at Phase 9-Plastering and Flooring level.

 This means most of the houses are almost complete and there is general satisfaction on the quality of work being done. Both the Diocese through the Bishop and the District council team express their appreciation of the work done.

A total of ten houses are being constructed for a selected survivors at a combined cost of 70 Million Malawi Kwacha. The houses are being built following environmental conservation guidelines as promulgated by Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si.