Bishop Sitima calls for innovation among Communication Coordinators.

Bishop Sitima calls for innovation among Communication Coordinators.

Bishop Montfort Sitima who is the bishop chair for communication has called on communication coordinators to embrace innovation as they carry out their duties.

Speaking at a stakeholders engagement meeting in Lilongwe, Bishop Sitima said that most of communicators only focus on the education, entertaining and informing aspect and leave no room to be innovative.

“How do we impact or make any positive change in communication? Do we act as mechanics who only focus on maintaining vehicles and not as makers of cars?” he asked.

Bishop Sitima reminded the attendants of the different contexts within which they work. Citing the example of Ukraine war, climate change and fake news, he stressed the need for communicators to be very critical of what flies around in news forums and take action.

The meeting was organized by the AMECEA department for communication to look at the situation of the department in the dioceses and the national office. Coordinators had an opportunity to do a self-assessment and look for remedial actions to address their situation.

The meeting was organized by AMECEA department for communications and attracted representatives from catholic media houses and diocesan communication coordinators. It was held from Monday 20th March to Friday 25th March at MIM campus in Lilongwe.