News: DOC donates to Cyclone survivors; as Tannah joins in the efforts:

News: DOC donates to Cyclone survivors; as Tannah joins in the efforts:

The Diocese of Chikwawa Social Services Directorate donated assorted items to cyclone Freddy survivors at Chikuse Camp in Chikwawa district.

Speaking at the function, Fr Semba who is the Director commended all individuals of good will who donated for the plight of the survivors.

“We all have a call and obligation to help others in times of need as we are all commissioned by God” he said.

Accompanied by the whole team that works at the Directorate, the survivors were assisted with clothing, shoes and beddings. The directorate also mounted a tent to house some survivors.

Joining in the bandwagon of well-wishers, a celebrated comedian going by the stage name Tannah Mr Brocken English donated assorted items to the Diocese of Chikwawa through the Social Services Directorate.

Harawa handing over his donation to Diocese of Chikwawa

The donation was made on Tuesday, 21st March 2023 at the offices campus. Accompanied by his manager, Tannah whose real name is Tannah Sydney Harawa expressed his delight to have had an opportunity to help those that have been greatly affected by the cyclone.

Chikwawa Diocese is one of the regions that have been greatly affected by tropical cyclone Freddy as thousands have been displaced, tens of lives lost and their agricultural fields damaged.

The Diocese of Chikwawa continues to call on people of good will to help with all they have in order to alleviate the suffering of these survivors.