Catholic Journalists Donate to Flood Survivors; As Proud Catholics also donate

Catholic Journalists Donate to Flood Survivors; As Proud Catholics also donate

Saturday, 2nd April, the Association of Catholic Journalists of the Southern Part of Malawi handed over a disaster relief package which will be distributed to flood survivors in Chikwawa and Nsanje district. The package which comprised of both food and non-food items was delivered via the Catholic Development Commission of Diocese.

The donation comes as thousands of disaster-displaced households are still homeless and food insecure. The Association’s chair of social welfare, Simeon Shumba, said it is the precarious situation of affected households moved them to act.

“Being journalists, we are aware of the situation in evacuation camps and even the homes of the affected populations. That’s why we have mobilized funds to purchase these relief items”

We strongly believe we have a social obligation that goes beyond news reporting. In times of disaster like ours, we have to do something to at least help the afflicted”

The Association of Catholic Journalists has a membership of media practitioners whose denomination is of the Catholic Church.

During the same day, Members of a catholic social grouping called ‘Í am catholic and I am Proud’ also made a donation. They provided soap, buckets, soya pieces and other items. The grouping’s Vice Secretary, Nyakanyaka, said their organisation exist to further the evangelisation mission of the church by among many championing charity initiatives.

“We are a social grouping that started as a WhatsApp platform. We have a membership of Catholics in Malawi and those in diaspora. We were equally concerned by the magnitude of the disaster and hence decided to do something”

“Ours is belief that the very small things we can donate can change lives especially here where people desperately need food, shelter, and even clothes”

Director of Social Services for the Diocese, Fr. Mathews Semba received both donations on behalf of Bishop Rt Rev Peter Musikuwa.

He said, the diocese is short of words over the overwhelming response people are providing towards flood survivors in the diocese.

“Since our Bishop sent out an appeal for help, there has been an overwhelming response. We are very thankful. Every time we receive donations we are making sure that they reach the intended beneficiary while also ensuring equitable distribution”