Chikwawa Parish YCW donate to flood victims

Chikwawa Parish YCW donate to flood victims

Members of the Young Christian Workers movement at Chikwawa Parish of the Diocese of Chikwawa distributed some relief items to flood survivors at Nthumba evacuation camp in Chikwawa district. The donation was made on 26th March 2022.

The relief package compromised of clothes and food items, reached out to 50 households at the camp. It came as the flood survivors still scrounging for food and realing for post-disaster recovery.

Chairperson for Chikwawa  YCW, Daniel Chisoni, said the donation was made with dedication to the core mission of their movement.

‘YCW has Charity works as one of its fundamental cornerstones. That’s why we mobilized funds from within to help our brothers and sisters here’

‘We are very aware of how the recent disaster has landed people into a precarious situation. Most of them lack basic amenities like food and clothes. As members of the church, we are with them in prayer and we have faith that God will see them through” Chisoni added.

Speaking on the sidelines of the donation, Nthumba camp chairperson, Abel Linderson, applauded the movement for the gesture adding that they have set a good example for the youth.

‘We rarely see the youth championing such charity initiatives. These Catholic youths have shown a greater level of compassion for us, the afflicted. Certainly, they have set a model for fellow youths. We appreciate what they have done for us’

‘We are 334 households at this camp and still looking out for ways of recovery. As the YCW members have urged us, we maintain our faith and believe that God will see us though’

True, whilst making donating Young workers urged the flood survivors not to lose faith, but to always pray and put their trust in God.

Chisoni addressing flood victims

The recent disaster aggravated by tropical storms Ana and Gombe displaced thousands in Chikwawa and rendered many households destitute