CBC Southern Africa builds capacity for DOC SSD IPC

CBC Southern Africa builds capacity for DOC SSD IPC

From 23rd to 24th April 2022, the Internal Procurement Committee (IPC) of the Social Services Directorate was trained on best practices in procurement. The training which came with support from CBC Southern Africa –Malawi, was a capacity strengthening session for the IPC.  The objective was to enhance procurement systems within the organisation which remains committed to ensuring fairness, transparency and accountability in its procurement processes.

Through the training, the IPC gained insights on among others; formulation of procurement plans and strategies. Certainly the participants, 10 in total, grasped the best practices in market research, prequalification of bidders, tendering, bids outsourcing and management, and many others.

According to the Lead Training Facilitator, Lackson Chirwa of CBC Southern Africa, much as the training increased the knowledge of the participants, it remains with the organisation to formulate guiding policies that are in line with the best practices espoused through the session.

Speaking on the side lines of the training, the Directorate’s Communications and Research Coordinator, Fr Lockie described the training as an eye-opener.

“The training has been quite insightful and exposed some procurement gaps. As we seek to enhance our systems, this was a very significant session”

“Our varied interventions largely rely on donors that demand transparency in our expenditure. So our aim is to have exquisite systems and certainly an IPC that is technically able”

Fr Lockie added.

Three representatives from CBC Southern Africa; Lackson Chirwa, Michael Ngwira, and George Chirwa, were the facilitators for the training. They together have a rich expertise in accounting, Procurement, marketing, and Human Resource and Organization Management, just to mention. They provided the Training free of charge as part of their commitments to develop local Organizations.