Homily for Sunday: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary time

Homily for Sunday: Sixth Sunday in Ordinary time

Readings: Jer 17:5-8, I Cor 15:12.16-20, Lk 6:17. 20-26

Blessedness through service in for the Lord

We often hear of people’s prayers to God asking to be favored in a way. The favors are a sign from God that one is blessed. as such blessedness is equated to having earthly goodies and enjoying them.

This is quite a contrast to what God’s word today is telling us; “Blessed are the poor in spirit” Jesus proclaims.

This is a special call to Christians to consider their understanding of blessedness. The script behind Jesus description of different forms of blessedness is far much deeper in content that could be considered at face value. Jesus preached a blessed life that sprouts from a service that every human person renders to another and God often accompanied by suffering.

All the descriptions he gives are reminiscent of a life that puts itself on the knife’s edge for the sake of other people and the gospel; service. He even goes further to suggest if understood literally that riches and good things are prerequisites for life in hell. However, this would only be true if people understood their material wellness as the utmost goal of their life neglecting the needs of other who are suffering. This would be true if people commit to do anything that it takes as long as they get material goods.

Prophet Jeremiah in the first reading says that cursed are those that put their trust in fellow human beings and forsake the Lord. These are people who have everything or whatever it takes to flourish in the world but are not rooted in God and so like plants in the desert they will wither away and fade. It is a call to trust God at all times and seek his service as the first in our lives.

Paul says even in death, those that believed in the Lord are blessed. They shall rise with Jesus and reign in his kingdom. What a privilege and honor.

Let us all remain blessed by serving the Lord and reap rewards of everlasting life and joy.

God bless you all.