Homily for Sunday Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Homily for Sunday Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Readings: Jer1:4-5,17-19;1Cor12:31.13:1-13; Lk4:21-30

Created for a purpose

Artisans are very good at bringing into reality things they merely conceived in their mind. As they do so they already fashion it in their brains how such things will work. Thus, anything will only be good if and only if it carries out the purpose for which it was made. We are all God’s creation. Just as artisan fashion how what they are bringing about will function, God created us for a purpose which we must carry out here on earth.

Today’s readings challenge us to know what purpose we must carry for God. In the first reading the prophet Jeremiah exclaims what God declared to him that He had known him at conception. This shows that at the very moment of creation, God sets a purpose for every human person. Just as Jeremiah, we are all created for a reason and purpose. What purpose do we see ourselves fulfilling fir God? Jeremiah knew that his purpose was to preach to the people even in the midst of fierce opposition and hatred.

In the Gospel today, Jesus explains to the people the meaning of a scriptural passage he had just read; a passage that lays bare God’s ordained purpose for his life. He had been sent to bring the Good News to the poor. With this passage he does not only announce his purpose on earth but also accepts to carry out his mission. He sets an example to us that we need to know our purpose and accept to live it.

The second reading tells us that our purpose in this life is service to one another. Paul says that we can be endowed with whatever gift but without love we are nothing; we are purposeless.

Let us all remember that our purpose for living in this life is service to one another without which we all fail to serve God.

Have a blessed Sunday.