Chaplains, Matrons and Patrons trained on Young Christian Students revival in schools

Chaplains, Matrons and Patrons trained on Young Christian Students revival in schools

Young people are the future of any human institution. They embody the life, dreams, aspirations, hope and the future. The catholic church holds the youth in high esteem. They are seen as the very heart that pumps the blood for the functioning of the mystical body of Christ, the church.

In this vein then, the Episcopal Conference of Malawi through the Catholic Education Commission, the Pastoral Commission and in liaison with the Youth chaplaincy, organized a training for youth chaplains, YCS patrons and matrons on how to revive YCS in schools.

Speaking at the opening of the training session, Fr Henry Chinkanda demonstrated how dire the situation for YCS is in our schools. Beginning by explaining the developmental psychology propounded by Sigmund Freud, members were made to appreciate how crucial in their human development these youths are and what need there is for the church to accompany them.

“This is the very reason why you are all here so that we may go out there and revive YCS and help the young people in this confusing stage of their life.” Said Fr Chinkanda.

In his presentation, Fr Innocent Ntapaonga who is a former youth chaplain himself, used the example of his vast experience to explain how best as a church we can assist these youths. Narrating the methodical way of indulging all stake holders through chaplaincy teams at all levels, Fr Ntapaonga convincingly showed that the revival of YCS is a doable mission. Thus, he strongly recommended formulation of chaplaincy teams at all level, availability of resource materials, proper training of patrons and matrons, capacity building of youth chaplains, frequent visits of chaplains to youths and assigning a priest/ religious to specially dedicate his or her time to the chaplaincy.

Speaking at the end of the session, Brother Ntuwana who is national education coordinator expressed his satisfaction with the session.

“We trusted that the turn up would be good and this has happened; we are very happy. I can only call upon you all to go and help the youths and revive YCS in all schools.” Said Brother Ntuwana.

Drawing patrons and youth chaplains from different schools in all the dioceses, the meeting, which was held at Nsamba Pastoral Centre, has been regarded as a huge success and has created more expectations from the church that the youth ministry will truly thrive.

Chikwawa diocese was represented by the diocesan youth chaplain Fr John Lockie and two patrons; Mr Moyo and Lambiki.