DOC joins World AIDS Day commemoration

DOC joins World AIDS Day commemoration

In a display of unity and determination, Chikwawa, came together to commemorate World AIDS Day, organized by the Chikwawa District Council with firm support from stakeholders such as World Vision, World Food Program, Hunger Project, Diocese of Chikwawa Social Services, Partners in Hope, EGPAF, and many others.

The event was held at the Chikwawa Community Grounds, and it was a testament to the power of collective action in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

This year’s commemoration was themed “Let Communities Lead by Spreading Love and Showing Solidarity in Ending AIDS.” The esteemed guest of honor was the District Council of Chikwawa, highlighting the significance of local leadership in the battle against this global health crisis.

The day commenced with march from the Chikwawa district Council to the venue, where participants proudly carried banners and placards carrying messages pertaining to the theme.

At the venue of the event were the pavilions, each well set up by various stakeholders, showcasing their commitment and efforts in the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS. Among them, the Diocese of Chikwawa showcased, presenting the impactful “Ana Patsogolo” (APA) project. This initiative is dedicated to preventing new HIV infections and reducing vulnerability among orphans, vulnerable children (OVC), and adolescent girls and young women (AGYM) in eight high HIV prevalent districts in the southern region of Malawi.

Members of The Social Services Directorate – DOC

The pavilions served as hubs of information and inspiration, offering a hint into the tireless work being done by organizations and individuals alike to combat the spread of the virus and support those affected.

The program proceeded with some performances by Malawi prison inmates, reminding everyone that the battle against HIV/AIDS transcends boundaries and involves every corner of society. Poems and testimonies from anonymous individuals who have lived long, fulfilling lives with HIV through adherence to ARVs and a healthy lifestyle, inspired hope and resilience.

 Later on a candlelight moment was observed to form a solemn atmosphere to remember those affected by the disease and honor the lives lost

The event reached its end with a speech from the guest of honor, acknowledging the strong spirit of Chikwawa in the fight against AIDS and encouraging continued collaboration for a future free from this health crisis.

In the end of the commemoration, Chikwawa emerged not just as a district on the map but as a example of resilience, community, and love—a indication to the power of united hearts in the face of adversity. The World AIDS Day event in Chikwawa was more than a ceremony; it was a celebration of strength, hope, and commitment to a world where AIDS is but a distant memory.

The commemoration was held on 9th December 2023.