Bishop convenes Heads of Catholic Institutions meeting

Bishop convenes Heads of Catholic Institutions meeting

Bishop Peter Musikuwa of the Diocese of Chikwawa on Friday, 13th January 2023 convened a meeting of all heads of Catholic Institutions. The meeting was held at the Bishop’s house in Chikwawa.

In his remarks, Bishop Musikuwa stressed the importance of the meeting and such he called upon all delegates to the meeting to be aware of the importance of the meeting since for the success of every institution there has to be human resource that has to be guided by certain rules and so the input of all delegates is of utmost importance.

“I thank all of you for coming, for by this gesture, you express your full support of the diocese and the importance of coming together to discuss issues for the betterment of our service to humanity” said the Bishop.

Section of delegates

Taking his turn in briefing the delegates on the meeting’s agenda, Fr Matthews Semba, who is the Director for the Social Services Directorate, recalled the beginning of the integration of the different commissions under supervision the heads of the institutions present work.

“The most important aspect of this meeting is for the heads of institutions to know guidelines that will have to determine their operations as the Diocese serves humanity within its jurisdiction.” Said Fr Semba.

Invited to give a brief on different policy guidelines for the Directorate, Miss Rossetta Lemani who is the Human Resource and Administration Manager for the Directorate, took all delegates through the policies explaining most important and common elements contained in the policies.

Among the topics of the day were Institutional support to Diocese and its programmes, discussion on the Institutional guidelines and a plenary on the agenda of the meeting.

The meeting drew delegates from health institutions, education institutions, governance and other institutions.