40 YCW aspirants enrolled in Chikwawa

40 YCW aspirants enrolled in Chikwawa

A total of 40 youths were on Sunday welcomed into the Diocese of Chikwawa chapter of Young Christian Workers (YCW). The New members were enrolled during a highly patronized ceremony convened at Fatima Parish of the Diocese. The ceremony was conducted during celebration of Holy Mass on Sunday 1st May 2022 .

Ahead of their enrollment, the new members were trained by militant YCW members. The topics covered during the training included the history and structure of the movement, leadership, spirituality, and the true methodology of review of Life. The new members were also taken through the objectives of the movement which are to serve, educate and represent.

One of the training’s facilitators, Daniel Chisoni said the training will help the new members to understand the values of YCW and subsequently use them as they work towards self-development and social change.

Speaking during the enrollment ceremony, the Diocesan President of the movement, Precious Santu, urged the new members to be exemplary and active. He said the new members have a huge task before them in all aspects of evangelization.

Compounded of numerous activities, the whole activity lasted two days. Other activities included charity work-through through which the movement donated some assorted items to Cyclone Ana disaster survivors.

Outgoing Youth Chaplain, Fr John Lockie also utilized the moment to bid farewell and certainly unveiled the new Chaplain, Fr Gift Chikwapa.

In his farewell speech, Fr Lockie described his six years in the chaplaincy as an experience he would not be in hurry to forget

‘Together (with the members) we have achieved a lot of things including championing various charity works whilst watching the movement grow’

I have always enjoyed the support you rendered and I wish to implore you to extend the same level of support to the new Chaplain.

Fr Lockie added.

Delivering his sermon during the enrollment, the new Chaplain Fr Chikwapa urged the new members to immediately hit the ground running in spreading the gospel and contributing toward social change.

“In YCW, the youth should be seriously involved various initiatives that address issues affecting them and the entire nation. Being a Christian organization we are also supposed to be known for evangelism”

“My plea to all of us is to quickly start living the mission of the movement. I would want us to go full throttle and champion numerous charity works, educate ourselves through in-house training and play front seat roles in development initiatives”

Fr Chikwawa said.

YCW was founded by Father Joseph Cardijn  in Belgium in 1924 as a trade union to help workers adjust to the work atmosphere in offices and factories and to evangelize to the world