CADECOM relieves Flood Survivors

CADECOM relieves Flood Survivors

The Catholic Development Commission (CADECOM) on 18th March 2022 distributed relief items to flood survivors in the areas of Traditional Authority Lundu and Ndakwera of Chikwawa district. The relief package, comprised of both food and non-food items, came courtesy of a donation from Caritas Australia through the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM).

According to acting CADECOM Secretary for the Diocese of Chikwawa, Montfort Chisale, their response targeted about 573 households in the vicinity of two camps found in the two areas namely; Tomali and mount Molaya camps.

“We have distributed 568 blankets, 1,146 plastic cups, 568 buckets, 568 bottles of cooking oil, 568 kgs of sugar, and 568 Kgs of salt just to mention. Through this donation we have reached two camps out of all the 13 camps in the two areas”- Chisale said

He further applauded the donors for the support adding that it comes at the right time.

“I wish to applaud Caritas AustAustralia ECM for this gesture. The people affected by Cyclone Ana in this area are in dire need of support to sustain themselves. So this help will surely provide relief to the households. We are also knowledgeable of the fact that Tropical Storm Gombe has further accelerated the damage. I, therefore, appeal to other organizations and people of goodwill to emulate this gesture”

One of the beneficiaries, Edward Kafuta, expressed delight with the donation but appealed for more help in form of seed for winter cropping.

“We appreciate hosting the help. But we need to prepare for the future. Our crops were swept away and there is hunger looming. If possible, we need seeds for winter cropping”

On the same date, the Commission also pitched a tent at Khungubwe Camp in the area of TA Ngowe in Chikwawa South. In this area, two camps with a total of 1726 households. The tent was donated by ECM with support from Trocaire Malawi

Tne newly pitched tent at Khungubwe