Catholic Bishops feed Tropical Storm Ana survivors in Chikwawa

Catholic Bishops feed Tropical Storm Ana survivors in Chikwawa

Responding to the effects of January 2022 devastating moderate tropical effects, the Catholic bishops on Thursday launched moderate tropical Flood Response’ at Group Village Headman Jailosi in the area of Chief Ndakwera in Chikwawa district.

The Bishops under the umbrella body, Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), launched the relief response targeting 573 households in the area with each one of them receiving two 10 kilogrammes of flour, one bucket, a packet of sugar, salt, blanket, two cups and one bottle of cooking oil.

Blessed is the hand that giveth!

Speaking during the launch, President of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi, Arch Bishop, George Desmond Tambala who was also the guest of honour to the event, said the development showed oneness as Malawians.

He said the catholic church advocates for togetherness without looking at one’s religious affiliations in all circumstances.

“What we present here are a few items representing more support that is coming in. It is my plea to the leadership of the two camps to apply honesty as you distribute the relief items,” said Arch Bishop Tambala

On his part, Bishop Peter Musikuwa of Chikwawa Diocese hailed fellow bishops for the kind and rare gesture.

Bishop Musikuwa said the development expressed as to what extent the bishops were concerned with the development which has left many people hopeless.

“We have lost a lot of belongings following moderate tropical effects. Houses have collapsed, farms destroyed and many more items. Our support today demonstrate that we are with you and do not lose any hope.

“Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who rendered a helping hand in this. This support will assist many to start new life. Let’s take care of it,” stated Bishop Musikuwa

He further said, due to other global effects like Covid-19, many institutions have also been affected and is becoming more difficult to get support.

“It is not that people do not wish to help but the circumstances we have gone through. Let’s all come together in finding lasting solution to all these,” he added

The bishop singled out pregnant, lactating mothers and the aged as most hit calling on other well wishers to also not give a blind eye to learners who also lost school related materials when moderate tropical Ana had hit.

Taking his turn, Paramount Chief Lundu of Chikwawa district appreciated the bishops for their coming to witness the devastating effects of moderate tropical

He said more people were greatly affected and that the situation needed more support from all corners of the country and beyond.

The paramount chief then called for seeds and other farming inputs saying people needed to replant.

Chikwawa district council, Principal Administrative Officer, Allan Kazembe, echoed Paramount Chief Lundu sentiments saying as government they were grateful at support by the bishops.

He said government alone cannot do everything looking at how things are at the moment.

He assured the flood survivors of continued support saying the council was doing all it could that no one is left behind.