Bishop Musikuwa calls on Catholic children to be of service to others

Bishop Musikuwa calls on Catholic children to be of service to others

Bishop Peter Musikuwa of the diocese of Chikwawa has called on all catholic children in the diocese to be of service to fellow children, society and the church. He made the remarks during this year’s celebration of the feast of Epiphany and Holy Childhood Day, at Chikwawa cathedral.

This year’s celebration which was held under the theme “Empowering children to take up the missionary role at their tender age” for Christ is telling them: “You will be my witnesses….to the ends of the earth,” (Acts 1:8). Gathered children from around the diocese accompanied by parents and their animators.

In his sermon, Bishop Musikuwa asked all the children and the faithful at large to pay particular attention to children who are suffering different challenges and needs.

“Not so long from now, you will get back to school. I urge you to think and do something about your fellow children who have different challenges that will make them fail to get to school and attain education.” He said.

In his remarks at the end of the ceremony, Father Ignasio Yohane who is the diocesan director for the Pontifical Mission Societies, reiterated the bishop’s call to the children to pay attention to and serve their fellow children.

“All parents must help children pray for their fellow children in different needs, contribute towards the PMS fund through their offerings at Church, and also to help in mobilizing resources that can be used to do charity work to fellow children” added Fr Yohane.

In their remarks, one of the children appreciated the bishop’s zeal and interest in the welfare of the children evident by his availability at such functions every year.

During the celebration, children from Chikwawa Parish led in singing. Among the activities during the function were poems, recitation of verses just to mention a few.