Homily for 26th Sunday of Ordinary time

Homily for 26th Sunday of Ordinary time

United in mission

Readings: First reading: Nm11: 25 -29; Second reading: Jas5: 1 -6; Gospel: Mk9:38 -43;45, 47 -48

Scripture today shows to us that we are called to the same mission; making Christ known to the world and bringing salvation to others.

The first reading gives an account of how God bestowed leadership on Jewish elders after the people had complained to Moses without ceasing. What was reserved for Moses had now been shared among the elders so that together with Moses they might lead God’s people to the promised land. The Seventy – two elders received the spirit and all began to prophesy; even those that had remained in the tent! We hear Joshua approaching Moses asking him to stop those that had remained in the tent from prophesying. Moses rebukes Joshua’s jealousy. It was the Lord’s making that they too were made prophets, that they received his spirit. In Moses’ speech lies a call to the young man who was learning his trade, to work with those whom he shares mission with.

In the gospel Jesus makes a plea for tolerance among believers; whoever is not against us is for us. Those that believe in Jesus must work together to establish the kingdom of God here on earth. In his response to John who was surprised that someone who was not among the twelve was casting out demons, Jesus shows the need for unity as we sojourn in the mission of Christ.

As he continues in his exaltation, the only thing we have to be occupied with is making sure that we do not cause others with little faith to sin.

The second reading gives a perfect example of how we can help preach the kingdom here on earth; Sharing our earthly riches with others so that we are all able to serve him with gladness.

Blessed Sunday to all.