Readings: Acts 10:25-26;34-35;44-48. 1John 4:7-10. John 15:9-17


The bible is a beautiful story that tells of the love of God. From the creation of the universe in Genesis, to the saving of the countless multitude in revelations, the theme of love runs through. Love is the very life of God and God is love itself.

We are in the sixth Sunday of Easter, a season that climaxes Gods love to us and celebrates our untold gratitude for such a gift. Our readings today are teaching us that love must be that golden rule that directs our Christian living.

In the gospel of this Sunday, our Lord presents himself to us as the example of how we must love the father. He shows to us the ultimate expression of love that the father has shown. He says this love surpasses every other form of love that can ever be. “no one has greater love than he who gives his own life for the sake of his friends”. He shows that Christian love and life must be an endless cycle of giving and receiving love. The circus of love is between the father, His son Jesus and us as Christians.

The recipe for having this love is adherence to Gods commandments. In today’s dialogue with his disciples, Jesus shows that all his commandments find root in the commandment of love.

The first reading presents to us a common perception among believers; segregating others and counting them out of salvation and love of God based on our human judgements. Peter says God is not segregative. He loves all as his children. However, this love is given to them who have faith in him and follow his precepts. Once again the adherence to Gods laws is a manifestation of how much we love God.

As we all profess that we are Gods children, let us all love one another.  Love of the other is a sign that we know God for God is love. In his infinite love, God sent his son to save the human race from sin and satan. This is love in its most profound form.

Thus all of us who are Christians must strive to live a life of love which is Gods life. Without love, our Christian life has no meaning. Love is the rule.

Love one another just as I have loved you.