CADECOM trains PEAs, Teachers, on Sweet Potato production in Schools

CADECOM trains PEAs, Teachers, on Sweet Potato production in Schools

The Catholic Development Commission (CADECOM) of the diocese of Chikwawa on Thursday 8th April trained some education authorities in Chikwawa on sweet potato production. The training, convened at Chikwawa Boma Teachers Training Centre, attracted representatives from 6 schools of the district-in precision of Primary Education Advisors, head teachers and school health and nutrition (SHN) teachers.

Through the training, CADECOM, an arm of the Diocesan Social Services, equipped the participants with knowledge on how they can grow highly nutritious sweet potatoes in their respective school farms- tenable for their homegrown school feeding program.

With the expertise of representatives from the ministry of Agriculture, the participants learnt how to manage potato farms, covering; land preparation, potato vine selection, planting and pest and disease control.

The training came under the Roots and Tubers for Agricultural Transformation in Malawi programme which is funded by the International Potato Centre of Lima-Peru.

After the trainings, CADECOM is expected to donate 200 bundles of sweet potato varieties which will be planted on a 2-acre piece of land at each targeted school. Eventually, each school will identify farmers and then embark on the farming initiative.

Among others, the initiative will boost nutrition among learners in the identified schools with the eventual provision of orange sweet potatoes which is rich in Vitamin A-a very important component in the development of Children.

Speaking during the training session, the Diocesan Director for Social Services, Fr Matthews Semba acknowledged the important roles the participants will play in making the program a success. He stressed the need for the church to focus on the holistic being of the people.

“We as a catholic church are not only interested in spiritual wellbeing of the human person, we are equally committed to ensure that all aspects of life are well cared for. That is why, issues of nutrition, food security and incomes of people are our concern in this project”

Said Fr Semba.

The diocese of Chikwawa through Cadecom in collaboration with Malawi government, is implementing this program with an aim of increasing the contributions of root and tuber crops to food security, nutrition and incomes in Chikwawa. The program is being implemented in Mbewe, Mitole and Livunzu EPAs in the district.