St Kizito (Mitondo) parish to fundraise for priests’ house.

St Kizito (Mitondo) parish to fundraise for priests’ house.

St Kizito parish (Mitondo) of the diocese of Chikwawa has organized a fundraising event to raise money for the completion of construction of priests’ house.

Through the fundraising team, the parish has set aside 3rd October 2021, the first Sunday in the month, for this very important event.

Speaking on the need to have this event take place, Fr Patrick Nkula, who is the parish priest for St Kizito parish, said that there is need to scale up efforts in the construction project especially fundraising initiatives in order to complete it in time.

“We sat down and with consultation and advice from the bishop of the diocese, it was decided that 3rd October 2021, should be the day when all the faithful in the parish, Christians from other parishes and even denominations and all of good will, will gather in Mitondo so that we can all offer the little we have for the purposes of erecting a house for priests”. Said Fr Nkula.

The whole project cost has been pegged at MK25,000,000.00 (Twenty-Five Million Kwacha) according to the Bill of Quantities available. And with the project almost a quarter way through, this event will seek to raise funds to take the works to another level as more fundraising events are set to be organized.

Fr Nkula (far right) with members of the team at the construction site

The organizing team has lined up different activities to help in achieving its goal. Some of these are: special offertory to be done by lay groups, small Christian communities, individuals, families and other institutions; sale of food and non-food items at a fundraising price, braai and assorted drinks.

In an effort to give opportunity to those who wish to help but cannot make it to the function on the day, the organizing team will welcome any contributions that can be made through the parish’s bank account. The details are;

Name: St Kizito Parish

Bank: FDH

Branch: Chikwawa

Acc. number: 1100000179227

St Kizito Parish is one of the most recently established parishes in line with the diocese’s strategic plan. It is situated on the eastern bank of the Lower Shire with its area made of parts of Chikwawa and Thyolo.

Currently, the parish has one priest who stays in a small house that was meant to be shelter for priests who came for pastoral work when this area made part of Our Lady of Fatima parish.

St Kizito parish was established on 9th November, 2017 by Bishop Peter Musikuwa of Chikwawa diocese.