DOC-SSD wraps up SCIAF-ECM funded emergency response

DOC-SSD wraps up SCIAF-ECM funded emergency response

The Social Services Directorate of the Diocese of Chikwawa wrapped up its emergency response to survivors of Cyclone Freddy in Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts. The response began on 1st June and will end on 31st August 2023.

Following the devastating experience and the consequents effects of tropical Cyclone Freddy that hit most parts of the southern Malawi, the Episcopal Conference of Malawi endeavored to ask for financial aid meant as emergency response to the victims in different dioceses of the southern part of Malawi.

The conference managed to get funding from the Scottish government to provide food, noon food relief items but also shelter to the survivors.

The primary goal was to ensure that the affected population basic needs are met, including access to food, essential supplies and safe shelter in order to help them recover and cope with the aftermath of the cyclones impact.

The project which has run for three months has come to an end with the final cohort of survivors receiving shelter items to help them rebuild their homes.

At a distribution exercise in Ngabu Parish, Fr Ignasio Yohane, whose parishioners benefited from this aid, thanked the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund who have come to the assistance of the suffering masses through the Episcopal Conference of Malawi. He urged the beneficiaries to count themselves lucky for having received help from among many in the same situation. He therefore urged them not to sell the building materials but make good use of them.

The first part of the response included distribution of food items, non-food items such as buckets and laundry materials. The program also improved the people’s hygiene by making sure that people have access to clean and portable water by maintaining boreholes in the affected areas. It also provided mobile clinics to prevent any outbreaks and provide health care services to the survivors; these included OPD services, malaria testing and treatment, HIV testing and counselling, containing cholera outbreak and others.

Considering the post disaster trauma that these survivors might go through, the program integrated psychosocial help to the survivors so that they are helped to overcome the situations they go through.

The Social Services Directorate is an arm of the Diocese of Chikwawa that oversees the Church’s interventions in the social political life of the people within the jurisdiction of Chikwawa Diocese. It remains as one of the most credible institutions that are always transparent and faithful in its activities.