Chikwawa Diocese to have information, communication technology policy

Chikwawa Diocese to have information, communication technology policy

A very common adage to justify changes in patterns of life has always been that we are living in a global village. It may however appear that there is a contradiction within a statement. However, what this means is that we acknowledge that we are not physically present at one place, yet it is easy to know what is happening with others even in the furthest corner of the world. That in itself is globalization, a phenomenon that should not be disregarded.

It is not strange to get news from every corner of the earth at a single click of a computer button.  It is the truth that this was not possible before. This is as a result of ideologies that led to information and communication technology which has now become a common practice.

Information and news sharing has helped to shape the best part of this world. Traditions and cultures have often been transferred and adopted by far distant lands and peoples. This is devoid of any physical contact between them.

Thus every aspect of life is advancing thanks to the peoples will to exploit advancements and improvements in ICT.

The church feels that now is the time that these technological advancements be used for evangelization. The Covid pandemic just showed why it is unwise if these improvements were not to be exploited for the salvation of souls.

However, just as the rest of beneficiaries of these massive improvements, the church is mindful that ICT advancements have often been put to bad use. Many are the times that these have been taken as vehicles to carry bad messages and share bad ideas and habits.

In view of all the importance of information sharing and how it can help in evangelization, the Diocese of Chikwawa wishes to have its own ICT policy.

The aim of having this policy is to make sure that all our efforts are well organized and that it responds to all challenges that might arise.

Thus the Diocesan social services directorate through the social research and communication commission has embarked on a project to formulate an information, communication technology policy for the diocese and its institutions.

Participants from Changoima parish after the consultation meeting

The commission conducted consultation meetings with all relevant stakeholders and heads of institutions in all the parishes in the diocese from 26th April 2021 to 5th May 2021. During these meetings, the consultancy team had an opportunity to brief the stakeholders of the planned idea of having a diocesan ICT policy and what benefits it will bring to the diocese in as far as its mission is concerned. Stakeholders were accorded an opportunity to contribute to the policy making process so that it covers all angles and has the best possible participation and input from all.

Representatives of different institutions and groups from Chikwawa parish during a session

With funding from SIGNIS, the diocese will formulate, print and disseminate the policy to all its institutions.

The policy will help in the development of ICT infrastructure in the diocese, build capacity in ICT usage in all the diocesan institutions, help in the service delivery by parishes, health facilities and schools among others.