The is the pastoral arm of the diocese that coordinates all pastoral activities of the church through various apostolates and chaplaincies. It seeks to deepen the understanding of faith, doctrine and values and catholic social teaching among pastoral agents and the lay faithful.

Through this commission, all lay apostolates and chaplaincies are strengthened and have coordinated efforts in achieving their goal.

The following are the apostoaltes and chaplaincies:

Catholic Women Organization (CWO) 

It empowers women and enhances their participation and service in the church. The diocesan chaplain for CWO is Fr Ignation Yohane. Mrs ……………… is the diocesan chairlady.


Christian Family Movement (CFM)

This apostolate aims at accompanying families on their journey and strengthen them through interaction. They are also given opportunity to serve as families in the church taking after the family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus.

Fr Patrick Jambo is the diocesan chaplain for Christian families.

Mr and Mrs …………………. Is the diocesan chair couple.


Hospital and Prison apostolates

The apostolates help in ensuring that there is improved pastoral care for the sick and prisoners in hospitals and prisons that are within the diocese. Through visits, prayers and celebration of mass these receive accompaniment.

Fr Felix Bzyakulima is the chaplain for both.


Pontifical Mission Society

A papal organization that is meant to promote catechetical formation of children and foster the spirit of service in them while they are young.

Fr Ignatio Yohane is the diocesan director.


Youth apostolate

Through this apostolates young people are empowered to participate in church programmes, leadership and social economic activities. They are also helped by accompanying them as they seek to choose their way of life and live it meaningfully.

These youths are in two categories of secondary school going age called the Young Christian students (YCS) and the working youths called Young Christian Workers (YCW)

Fr John Lockie is the diocesan youth chaplain.

James Chinseu is the diosesan president for Young Christian workers.



Through this office, the church forms and fosters catholic vocations to priesthood, religious and married life.

Fr Ignatio Yohane is the director of Vocations.


Bible apostolate

This office coordinates church efforts in making the word of God easily accessible, encouraging bible reading and helping people understand the word of God.

Fr Jenezio Chisonga is the diocesan coordinator.


Legion of Mary

Lay movement of catholics that deepens prayer life and devotion to Mary. Apart from a devoted prayer life, they are encouraged to so works of charity.

Fr Felix Bzyakulima is the diocesan chaplain


Catholic Men Organization

Empowers and enhances men participation and their service in the church.

Fr Shadreck Malata is the diocesan chaplain.


Saint Vincent de Paul

Lay movement which enhances the spirit of giving and works of charity in the church.

Fr Patrick Jambo is the diocesan chaplain.


Diocesan land desk

This office works to safeguard land as a church asset by making sure that every church land is leased and protected.

Fr Jenezio Chisonga is the lands officer.


Coordinator of Sacred Music

The main purpose of this desk is to make sure that all music sand in church does not lose the catholic touch and enhances coordination among all choirs. It seeks to help choirs give people the proper disposition during liturgical celebrations through their songs.

Fr Martin Hanock is the diocesan director


Liturgical desk

Liturgy is the life of the church. As such it must be treated with utmost respect and dignity. To ensure this, the director of liturgy gives direction and orientation on how liturgies on different occasions and seasons of the church must be celebrated.

Fr Alfeo Boloma is the Diocesan director of Liturgy.

All these lay movements and apostolates work under the coordination of the diocesan Pastoral coordinator who is Father Shadreck Malata.