This is body of elected council leaders from all the parishes that represent the lay faithful in the diocese.

Its mission is to represent Christ and the Church bearing witness to him according to gifts given and carry out Christ work of reconciliation, fellowship and enhance god governance of the church.

The purpose is to organise and lead in the training of the lay members so that each member recognises his call to mission in the fellowship of Jesus Christ by utilising to the maximum the abilities and skills instilled in each member by god where by assisting in the improvement and extension of Gods kingdom creating unity, harmony, spiritual and developmental growth in the holy catholic church.


  1. to instill in the membership of the church love and appreciate the history, tradition and principles of the church
  2. to advocate respect and loyalty at all times to constituted authority and leadership
  3. to encourage the laity to support the total program of the church in local congregational committees and through conferences and the connections in events organization and functions
  4. to provide training in Christian stewardship which causes lay members to recognize that the connotation of stewardship addresses more than giving money

Mr George Washingtone Mkutu is the Chairperson, Mr Felix Kamiza is the Secretary and Mrs Mercy Chikwangwala is the treasurer.

Within its structure, there are different subcommittees based on different lay apostolates.

Currently, the council is working on a 10-year strategic plan that will lead the organization of the laity council to achieve the desired goals of self-reliance, good coordination and enhancement of good governance of the lay associates in the church