Nsanje parish celebrates 100 years – Urged to be selfless in mission

Nsanje parish celebrates 100 years – Urged to be selfless in mission

Nsanje Catholic Parish (The Good Shepherd) is today celebrating in joy and thanksgiving Gods love for the One hundred years of existence and mission.

In his sermon Bishop Musikuwa resounded the cultural tendency in people to show gratitude to each other for being kind to one another.

“We thank God who sent missionaries to our parish to preach the Gospel of salvation. Those missionaries made tremendous sacrifices in their work; we owe them but thanks”

The bishop said it is now the turn of the faithful of the parish to preach the message of salvation to others. He referred to failure to proclaim the gospel as selfishness. 

Part of the congregation.

In his own remarks, the chairperson for Nsanje parish Mr Steven Ngawande thanked all who took part in the preparations for the centenary celebrations and said that this is a clear sign that Christianity is deep rooted in Nsanje parish.

Among the activities to mark this celebration is the awarding of certificates to deserving Christians for their remarkable contributions to the parish.

Nsanje Parish was established in 1921 by the Montfort Missionaries. It is the second oldest parish in the diocese of Chikwawa. Nsanje parish is renowned for being the entry point for missionaries as they came to evangelize especially the southern part of Malawi.