Peverelle Sisters donate to Flood Survivors

Peverelle Sisters donate to Flood Survivors

Scores of people of goodwill and organizations are still responding to the SOS which was sounded by Bishop of the Diocese of Chikwawa, Right Reverend Peter Musikuwa, following the Cyclone Anna aggravated flooding that affected over 193 000 households in Chikwawa and Nsanje districts. The disaster, characterized by a heavy downpour and strong winds, occurred from 24th to 26th January 2022.

New to respond to the Bishop’s call are the Peverelle Sisters who have made a 1.5 Million Kwacha donation. The funds have been donated to disaster survivors through the Developmental arm of the Diocese, CADECOM. It will be used to purchase food items which will be distributed to flood survivors currently domiciled in evacuation camps.

Making the donation, the sisters expressed deep thoughts over the current situation of the affected households which is characterized by among others food shortages. They thus applauded Bishop Musikuwa for alerting the rest of the world over the disaster predicament. Soon after a symbolic handover of the funds, the sisters also had time to visit one of the evacuation camps where they cheered the affected people.

News of the donation is likely to offer an ample sigh of relief to the survivors who are indeed facing numerous challenges as they still long for recovery. Indeed, people in most evacuation camps in Chikwawa and Nsanje are facing food shortages and other basic amenities like clothes and clean water. Access to health and social services has also been compromised.

Speaking on the sidelines of a symbolic handover ceremony, Bishop Musikuwa expressed delight with the donation adding that it has come at the right time.

“This donation has come at a time the affected population needs it most. We appreciate the gesture shown by the Peverelle sisters for we know it will make a significant impact. Many people have been affected here, and that’s why we are making sure that every donation we get is put to great use.”

Bishop Musikuwa said.

Chikwawa and Nsanje districts have 123 evacuation camps that are hosting flood survivors. A report released on 3rd February 2022 by the Department of Disaster Management Affairs indicated that the tropical cyclone Anna displaced over 23 000 households in both Chikwawa and Nsanje.  It further perks Chikwawa as the hardest-hit district. Over 500 cattle heads, 1,948 goats, 550 pigs were washed away by the floods in the district.