Diocese of Chikwawa, Stakehokders, celebrate Day of the African Child

Diocese of Chikwawa, Stakehokders, celebrate Day of the African Child

The Social Services Directorate of the diocese of Chikwawa on 10th September 2021 joined hands with various stakeholders in Chikwawa district in celebrating the Day of the African Child.

The event, convened at Livunzu primary school in the district, was mainly organized to amplify the voice of the African Child, specifically on issues that affect their daily livelihood. The event was assembled over the theme: ‘Accelerating the implementation of Agenda 2040 for Africa fit for Children’

The Social Services Directorate members of staff left no ceremony out as they were clad in primary school learners’ uniforms, modelling the school going child. They raised pavilions and accelerated awareness on a number of interventions being championed by the Directorate. Mainly, the emphasis was placed on the role of the Diocese in promoting education, human rights and protecting young children from various levels of abuse.

Equally adorned in pupils’ uniforms were district council representatives led by the Director of Planning and Development, Mrs Thokozire Ngwila.

Largely, the event was characterized by awareness speeches, performances, and plenary sessions.

Speaking during the event, District Social Welfare Officer, Aaron Macheka, implored Guardians to take parenting as a serious exercise.

‘As Parents let’s be serious in safeguarding the welfare of our children. Many learners here face numerous challenges including physical and sexual Abuse, but have no conducive environment at home to report the same. They suffer silently as a result.’

Macheka said.

Chiefs, ward councilors, school authorities, and other relevant stakeholders in education and child protection attended the function.

From a wider view, it was the young children, mostly learners of surrounding schools that made the day memorable. They organized role plays, traditional dances, poetry and several other activities. Various non-governmental organizations also showcased what they do in protecting the African child.

The Day of the African Child is a World event celebrated on 10th September every year. This year’s event was organized around Africa’s Agenda 2040 which was adopted in 2016 and seeks to restore African children’s dignity and improve their livelihood across the continent.

Stakeholders interact with learners