Chikwawa YCW Council of Leaders meet

Chikwawa YCW Council of Leaders meet

Young Christian Workers Leaders from various sections within the Diocese of Chikwawa on Sunday convened a meeting in a bid to review the movement’s progress made since January this year. The meeting which took place at Nchalo Parish, was also organised for the Young Leaders to strategize further implementation of various works for the remaining months of the year.

Through the meeting, section leaders provided both administrative and financial reports which painted a good picture of the movement’s growth and extended commitment from members.

For example, Bangula section boasted of bankrolling the construction of a grotto whilst Nkhathe section reported of purchasing a water tank at their Parish. The movement has also championed a successful afforestation drive with Chikwawa, Nchalo, and Mitondo sections all reporting of planting trees which are still being well taken care of.

In his remarks, YCW Diocesan President, James Chinsewu, described the reports of various initiatives from sections as quite encouraging.

“The initiatives that have been highlighted here by Section representatives paint a very good picture of the movement. It shows we are alive and growing. I wish to urge all of us to work extra harder especially on wooing other young people to join the movement”Chinsewu said.

He nevertheless mentioned Covid-19 as a major set-back that has disturbed the implementation of various activities at Diocesan level.Through the President, the Diocesan Executive also gave a report of upcoming events which members should be preparing for. Among key upcoming events are Diocesan Annual General Meeting, Enrolment, and official launch of YCW at Mitondo Parish. The diocese will also participate in the upcoming National AGM which is scheduled for December 2021.

During the meeting, the participants were also reminded of a YCW cloth business drive championed at national level. Members were hence urged to buy the cloth which is being sold at K4500 per 2 meters. Individual sections are also required to pay K20, 000 as a contribution towards the production of the cloth, currently budgeted at a total of 8 million kwacha.

Father Shadreck Malata of Nchalo Parish who graced the event revealed the level of trust that the church has on the movement. He said the evangelization mission of the church highly relies on the commitment and dedication that the youth render on various activities within the church. He then advised the Young leaders to be exemplary and live within the values of the church.

In his remarks, the Diocesan Youth Chaplain, Father John Lockie, commended the Diocesan Leadership for organising the meeting from which leaders have shared experiences. He later confirmed of the upcoming Diocesan elections, urging members to elect people that will take the movement to another level.

“In the coming elections, I want advise all of us here to elect people that are hardworking and very dedicated to the objectives of YCW. Let’s not elect people that are inactive. We want to see the movement grow”Fr. Lockie pleaded.

In preparations to the coming elections, all individual sections within the Diocese are expected to elect their leaders who will later contest at Diocesan level.